Friday, 17 July 2015

Know Your Website Goals Before You Launch It

Whenever you start a website, and before you design it, you need to think of the objectives behind your website. How? Have a look: 

7 primary objectives exist behind the beginning of any website:

1.   To convey basic business information like contact or address.
2.   Behave as an advertising company to promote your company.
3.   Develop your brand.
4.   Sell your services.
5.   Spread awareness amongst investors or clients through news or events.
6.   Service to customers.
7.   Provide customer interactions.

The primary objectives are indeed too wide so there’s a trick that can help one focus on the ultimate idea of a website:

To (verb) (users) who need to (user’s goal) to (verb) (your website) instead of (rival’s website) because (your website) has (nouns) whereas (rival’s website) doesn’t.

For example:

To invite technicians interested in designing software to investigate instead of dot net because has the potential for designing creative software to meet the goals of people.

Narrow your focus

If you use the seven objectives about which your website will work, it won’t help your site to stand out of the crowd. Instead, focus on any one and emphasize on it. The more you’ll work on it, the more powerful your site will become.

There comes a situation where it is not just you whose decision works; the decision of all the members of the committee is needed. The solution to this is creating a majority for one. Let everyone vote for the important objective. The one with majority votes wins.

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