Thursday, 4 December 2014

Point To Note During Development Of About Us Page

About us page is important as not a single person will miss looking at this page. About page can attract the customers and gives you an opportunity to enhance your social presence in the market. We have mostly seen articles coming in for creating some nice landing page; restructure the check out process, simplifying the content, how to boost the sale on an ecommerce site but we have never seen articles coming up on “About us” page, as this the most important page of your website, we cannot ignore this page as people on your site are definitely going to visit this page so it’s time to polish this page and try to make it more effective on the web page.

Few points to note when you are preparing the about page:-

Content: - Company’s overview is reflected on the about us page. Please do not use boring terms to make it look professional, it would rather sound boring, make it interesting and enthusiastic while not leaving your point. A person who is on your website will be surprised if they find the content a bit casual and not to corporate.

Purpose: - Your about us page can share your company’s value and your vision towards your future goal. You can take an opportunity to explain your customers how your company functions and your reason to build a company. Visitors could relate to your story if you can tell them what struggles did you face while building this business and how did you manage to overcome it.

Visual elements: - Adding your employee’s photographs on your company’s portfolio establish a personal connection with your visitors. People are bored reading the lengthy content on the page; they will love to see some pictures and may be a small video. You can outsource this task by hiring a specialist to get high quality images for the page.

Call to action: - Incorporate call to action on about us page as the many chances that customer would take an action on this page. CTAs help the customer to continue the interaction.

An about page should be planned and executed properly as it share your brand values and future sales. You can lose customers interest by doing it randomly.  About page is likely to give you more sale as the visitor will not lose its interest if they find it your website electrifying and too engage your customers.

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